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 Today, I’m feeling inspired.  I just met with Jan, the Executive Director of the Medic One Foundation, and came away certain that telling Hannah’s story will help Medic One – with whom we credit so much of our time with Hannah.  I realized in my conversation today that had Medic One trained folks (including the medics in Seattle, on Bainbridge and Airlift Northwest) not been so highly skilled, Hannah may not have lived past her first six weeks, when we had her scary and intense first bought with metabolic issues and our first flight to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

When I came home from my coffee with Jan, I found a couple of emails that included a link to a video that has gone viral – created by the Seattle Children’s team and patients on the hemoncology unit.  Wow.  After a good cry, I realize that I miss Children’s.  I miss the inspiring people with whom we spent so much time – the nurses and doctors, and fellow families on a similar journey of hope.  Ah, that hope never goes away.

Yesterday I was rummaging through a drawer and found a greeting card I purchased months ago.  The image is by an artist from Portland, OR, Kelly Rae Roberts, who we first discovered while we were in the NICU at Swedish Hospital, and then again at Children’s.

  I learned last night from her website that she was a social worker who had a passion for art.  After years of thinking about it, she finally jumped into making art.  Now her work is licensed and sold everywhere (including Trader Joe’s where I found this card).  What I love about her is that her message is getting out, too.  I find courage in her art – and I see our sweet Hannah in each image, our raven haired beauty with so much purpose.  And I am inspired.  I am learning how to listen to my inner voice.

I will continue to tell our story as it unfolds.  I’m hopeful that we may help other families and caregivers, and support the organizations that are changing lives, literally every day.  I learned from Jan today about a woman that was my age and had a massive heart attack while driving.  She died, and the medics from Seattle were able to revive her with CPR.  While timing and other things were in play, I think she survived because of their incredible skill.  Every day when I hear the sirens and know an aid car is rushing to help, I think of Hannah and I feel grateful.  We never would have known all of these amazing men and women in our community that are saving lives each day had it not been for her.

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  1. Betty Oneill says:

    I think of you so many times. I can only imagine how you getthru but with the help of God you do. Like you music has always held a special part in my heart. I still hear my Mom in church singing How Great Thou Are and my heart fills sadness yet happiness with the remmberance as a child hearing her sing songs of praise. I remember thinking at age 7 that my Mom sounded like an angle. When I thnk of Hannah I think of Alabamas song “I believe there are angles among us” Not much on country music but that one I likeand makes me think of Hannah.
    So happy for you to have a wonderful Mothers Day. Reality came back at the end of the day but for the most part sounds like it was a nice one. Your mind deserves the break from your heart.
    Wes Song of Love bought me to tears.What a wonderful song for him.What a voice she has and she shared her talent for Wes. Wow. Pretty powerful.

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