I’m grateful for so many friends reaching out to me. Over time, I look forward to sitting across the table from you – really catching up.  I savor each moment.

After lunch today with a good friend at one of my favorite cafes, I was thinking of our talk and listening to music on my way home.  I heard the song “Thankful” by Rumer (from the album Seasons of my Soul),  and replayed it again as I sat in front of our house.

Greg’s family has done a bit of genealogy along the Vail side (Greg’s mom Marilyn’s maiden name, and the inspiration for our Hannah’s middle name).  Many generations back, there was a woman in the Vail family named “Thankful Barnum”.  The part of her name that we were always drawn to was the “Barnum”.  She was the sister of P.T. Barnum from the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  We thought the name “Thankful” such a curious one -not one you hear anymore.  However just like other classic names of virtue like Hope, Grace and Faith that continue to be popular today, I understand completely why a parent would name their daughter Thankful.

I’m thankful in so many ways.

Thankful (Rumer – Seasons of my Soul)


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