Learning during an all-nighter

It as been awhile since I pulled an allnighter.  Hannah is finally asleep – she was uncomfortable all night.

The time gave me the opportunity to play with plugin apps for this site.  I think I figured out how to link updates to Facebook.  Let’s see if this worked.

Hannah had som phenobarbital and is finally asleep. I’m right behind her – good night.

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One Response to Learning during an all-nighter

  1. Betty O says:

    My heart feels for you. I do wonder about little Wes, thank God for him. Baby Hannah may leave us here and wait for you in a better place but I know your heart is heavy already knowing she will be leaving you. So thankful that God gave her to you even if for a short time. I wonder how you’ve stayed so strong for so long but you have. You are a christian and know that he will bring you thru this, but your heart will break even if it is his way. I’ve lost my Mom,Dad,Brother and Sister. I will never get over this but learn to live with the loss.
    I don’t know if I’m saying the right things or making any
    sence so just know I’m praying for you. Much love in Jesus to all of you .xo

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